Le Nostre Paste (Our Pastas):

*Mezzelune di Magro* half-moon shaped ravioli filled with spinach and fresh ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese in brown butter & sage $20

*Fettuccine al ragu` Bolognese* with slow cooked beef ragu’ $20

*Penne all’ Arrabbiata* with tomato sauce, garlic & Calabrian chili $18

*Gnocchi di Ricotta* ricotta cheese gnocchi with jumbo crabmeat in a creamy red pepper sauce, chives $27

*Orecchiette* polpettine e salsiccia* tiny ear shaped pasta with mini meatballs and pork sausage in a tomato sauce, W/salted ricotta cheese $22

*Ravioli All’astice* lobster ravioli in a creamy saffron sauce, spinach and domestic caviar $28

*Linguine alle Vongole* Fresh clams in a white wine sauce, garlic, parsley $26

*Tonnarelli al nero di seppia* squid ink spaghetti with shrimp, fresh chopped tomatoes, arugula, white wine sauce $26

     Some preparation can be made with gluten free pasta or without ingredients containing gluten